Ginny Casual Outfit (Fall) by hpstyle featuring a black coat

H M sleeveless top, $19 / Chicnova Fashion black coat / Comptoir Des Cotonniers slim fit jeans / Converse canvas shoes, $73 / Laura Lee rose gold necklace, $535 / Ten Thousand Things bead bracelet / Silver earrings
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  "Hi love! I wonder if you could make a Lupin inspired set with a little black dress? Thank you so much! Keep up the good work, loving your blog! :) <3"

Thanks hon! I just put it up :]

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Lupin LBD Outfit by hpstyle featuring a stainless steel pendant

Humanoid dress / Charlotte Russe platform ankle boots / Grace Scarper sterling silver charms pendant, $68 / Stainless steel pendant / Bonnie Jonas vintage silver jewelry / Falling Star Studs
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Hi guys! My inbox is currently empty so this is just a reminder that I take any requests you want, don’t be afraid to ask! Tumblr occasionally eats messages, and sometimes it takes me a while to get stuff done if I’m busy, so if I don’t get to your request right away, just know that I’ll get to it eventually! :]

  "This blog is perfection! I can't believe it exists it's amazing! could you do some more affordable sets!? preferably uk friendly!"

Awh thanks so much! I just posted a couple for you :]

Lily Affordable UK Friendly Outfit (Fall) by hpstyle featuring black wedge sandals

Neon Rose shift dress, $31 / H M long sleeve dolman top, $32 / H&M cotton socks, $11 / Black wedge sandals, $39 / H&M earrings, $3.23
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Draco Affordable UK Friendly Outfit (Fall) [H&M] by hpstyle featuring a green top

H M green top, $24 / H M black jacket, $49 / H M black skirt, $32 / H M black tight, $13 / H&M ankle boots, $49 / H M ring, $11 / H M chain necklace, $9.72 / H&M silver earrings, $3.23 / H M hat, $11
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  "Would you please do a narcissa homecoming outfit with a short affordable dress? Thank so much bby"

I just put one up for you :]

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Narcissa Homecoming Outfit w/ Affordable Dress by hpstyle featuring black prom dresses

Black prom dress / H&M black shoes, $19 / Dinny Hall chain necklace / Pearl jewelry, $205 / Henri Bendel pearl jewelry / ASOS faux pearl bracelet, $13
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  "Wtf you seriously aren't letting that anon make their own hp fashion blog??!?!?! I really dont think that that is ok. You don't own harry potter. please reconsider"

No, I’d rather they not make their own. I think it’d be fun to make a Teen Wolf or Once Upon a Time style blog but I’m not going to because they already exist. And I didn’t say they couldn’t make a Harry Potter blog, so I don’t know why you think I think I own Harry Potter… But if they respect me and what I’ve built here on this blog, they won’t make one that copies mine. I got to the idea and acted on it first, so if it were me on the other end, I would let it be. That has happened plenty of times to me, where I think I’m about to make a blog or network that doesn’t exist and then I go find one that does. The thing is that I then just let the people who are already doing it keep doing it and find something else to do without arguing with them about it, which, as far as I can tell, is what the original anon has done and I respect them for it.

  "Someone just told me about this blog so I checked it out and WOW it's amazing. You are such a genius!! I was wondering if you'd make more Lupin inspired outfits? Maybe some with shorts? :) thanks so much for having this blog! It's really awesome."

Awh thanks so much! I honestly can’t believe you heard about this from another human being :’} Anyways, I just put up a couple sets for you :]

Lupin Casual Outfit (Summer) w/ Requested Bottoms by hpstyle featuring converse shoes

Topshop blouse, $73 / Levi’s denim shorts / Converse shoes, $73 / Julien David hoop earrings / Sterling silver ring / Rebecca Minkoff pendant
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Lupin Casual Outfit (Summer/Fall) w/ Requested Bottoms by hpstyle featuring cotton shorts

Étoile Isabel Marant long sleeve top / Monki top, $26 / Rag & bone/JEAN cotton shorts, $260 / With Love From CA patterned hosiery / Sam Edelman leather booties / DKNY stacking rings jewelry, $73 / Clay pendant / TOPMAN Double Pyramid Spike Earrings, $8.12
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  "can you maybe do some travel sets for different characters or something? preferably with black jeans!"

I just put up a couple :]

James Travel Outfit by hpstyle featuring lace-up ankle booties

H M top, $13 / J.Crew fitted jeans / Dr. Martens lace-up ankle booties / Zipper bag / Laura Lee engraved necklace, $535 / Black jewelry / Wooden iphone case
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